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The CCA's Retirement Webinars provide content specifically for retirement actuaries including cross discipline webinar content. This highly specialized, 13-webinar track offers an economical, high-quality and convenient way to satisfy your continuing education requirements.

This practice-specific solution offers you, the retirement actuary, the most relevant content.

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Retirement Webinar Series Subscription, $525

An Exclusive Member Benefit

  • 13 webinars; 7 retirement topics and 6 cross discipline topics
  • Access to webinar recordings for six months
  • Podcasts of continuing content discussion among webinar presenters
  • Additional bonus and pop-up webinars at no additional cost

Single Webinar Rates

 Advance Registration Fee Late Registration Fee
CCA Member $175 $225
Non-member $290 $340
CCA Member & U.S. Federal Government Employee $85 $135
U.S. Federal Government Employee $140 $190

Retirement Webinar Series Schedule

Retirement Topics

  • The Auditors' Perspective

    In this CCA retirement series webinar, panelists discuss what auditors look for in actuarial reports and the information they request. What are the key items from their perspective and how best can actuaries respond? What are the current “hot topics” in pension auditing?

  • Liability Driven Investment and De-Risking in a Post-Pandemic World

    In this CCA retirement series webinar, speakers review the value of liability driven investment. How are current conversations being impacted by low interest rates? How do you measure the value of liability driven investment once implemented?

Cross Discipline Topics

  • The Auditor Called – “What Did I Do Wrong Now?”

    In this CCA cross discipline series webinar, speaker Dale Yamamoto, Red Quill Consulting, will walk you through what auditors are looking for. You started working on a retiree group benefit (OPEB) valuation for this year. Don’t you wish you knew what auditors would be looking for this time around? Are they comparing any assumptions with the pension valuation for the same client? What the heck is that Getzen model anyway? Should you be worried about whether or not you’re qualified to do the work? Come hear the latest from actuaries who may be auditing your work next year.

  • Being Conscious About Unconscious Bias

    From Facebook to Starbucks, organizations and individuals are recognizing the importance of understanding the role unconscious bias plays in the workplace and how it can impact us as individuals, our colleagues, and our clients. To some degree, all of us have unconscious bias, which causes people to unintentionally favor some groups or individuals over others. However, when left unchecked, this bias can affect our communication and interaction with others, even to the extent of who gets listened to in meetings. Managing unconscious bias is a critical skill to ensure your interactions are inclusive, respectful, and positive.  In this CCA cross discipline session, we will address the importance of being aware of our own unconscious bias, and we will explore how to move beyond awareness to build steps to ensure unconscious bias isn’t guiding your decisions and interactions.

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