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Retirement Webinar Series Schedule

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Retirement Topics

  • Looking Back at ASOP 51

    In this CCA retirement series webinar, speakers discuss what they have learned since the implementation of ASOP 51, and best practices for properly meeting the ASOP requirements.

  • Retiree Medical Options and Valuation Considerations for Retiree Group Benefits

    Many employers still provide group medical benefits for retirees. For large employers who still cover a substantial number of Medicare Eligible Retirees, more employers are moving towards custom-designed EGWP MA Plans to take advantage of federal subsidies and OPEB valuation considerations. Speakers discuss some of the advantages of using these programs and other topics relevant to employer-sponsored retiree programs. Additional topics may include: other potential benefit options for Medicare-eligible retirees, recent CMS changes, and others. This CCA webinar is included in the health series and the retirement series.

  • Orange is the New Gray

    CCA has made available a new member benefit, called the “Orange Book”. The Orange Book is similar to the old Gray and Blue Books, except without government involvement. Through the Orange Book, a panel of experienced practitioners provide thoughts and potential answers, along with rationale for the potential answers, on uncertain regulatory issues. This CCA retirement series webinar will cover some of the first questions addressed by the panel.

  • Understanding Model Risk and the Actuary’s Duties Under ASOP 56

    Models play an increasingly important role in analyzing and funding pension funds. Model risk management has become an important component in actuarial practice with respect to these funds. In this CCA retirement series webinar, our focus is on how ASOP 56 guides an actuary in reviewing models and best practices for proper model management.

Cross Discipline Topics

  • AI and the Actuarial Profession

  • Cognitive Bias in Humans and AI

    Human perception, memory and decision-making are impacted by cognitive biases and mental shortcuts that influence a person’s actions and decisions. Those responsible for the selection of data (or how said data is weighed) may inadvertently build their own biases while developing artificial intelligence systems. Speakers address cognitive bias and the role it plays both in humans and AI in this Cross Discipline webinar intended to satisfy the annual Bias requirement under the US Qualification Standards.

  • Considering Diversity in Serving Clients

    How can you use Diversity to best serve clients? How can you transform diversity requirements to drive better results for you and your clients? In this CCA cross discipline webinar, presenters discuss these questions and more.

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