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This cross discipline webinar series includes both technical and non-technical topics that are relevant to all actuarial disciplines. Technical topics may include actuarial or financial modeling, risk analysis, data analysis, programming languages or general ASOP discussions. Non-technical topics may include various business and consulting skills such as leadership, management, communication, mindset or consulting practices and tools.

Includes five webinars. Each webinar is 75 minutes and offers 1.5 hours of continuing education.

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Cross Discipline Webinar Series Schedule

Cross Discipline Topics

  • Cognitive Bias in Humans and AI

    Human perception, memory and decision-making are impacted by cognitive biases and mental shortcuts that influence a person’s actions and decisions. Those responsible for the selection of data (or how said data is weighed) may inadvertently build their own biases while developing artificial intelligence systems. Speakers address cognitive bias and the role it plays both in humans and AI in this Cross Discipline webinar intended to satisfy the annual Bias requirement under the US Qualification Standards.

  • Considering Diversity in Serving Clients

    How can you use Diversity to best serve clients? How can you transform diversity requirements to drive better results for you and your clients? In this CCA cross discipline webinar, presenters discuss these questions and more.

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