CCA Awards

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Deadline: June 1, 2024

Lifetime Achievement Award - presented to a volunteer for contributions made to the CCA or the actuarial consulting profession during his/her professional career. Read more

Most Valuable Volunteer Award - awarded to a volunteer who has recently provided exceptional contributions to the Conference of Consulting Actuaries. Nominees will have demonstrated attributes such as professionalism, creativity, leadership, innovation, collaboration and enthusiasm in support of the organization and its mission. Consideration may also be given to recent contributions made to the actuarial consulting profession in general. Read more.

New Volunteer Impact Award - awarded to newly engaged CCA volunteers that are making a difference through their commitment to the CCA. Nominees for this award shall have demonstrated characteristics such as professionalism, creativity, enthusiasm and resourcefulness. Read more.

Wynn Kent Public Communication Award - awarded to an eligible actuary who has materially contributed to the communication of financial risk and work product of the actuarial profession in some form or media to the public. Read more.


2023 Award Recipients

Lifetime Achievement

Most Valuable Volunteer

Wynn Kent Public Communication

Don Fuerst

Don Fuerst

During his career, Don was CCA president, served on many committees and was a frequent speaker. But his contributions go way beyond the CCA. He was the Academy’s Senior Pension Fellow among other roles, as well as volunteering with the SOA. Don was a long-standing contributor to the profession and especially to the CCA, serving on many, many committees. He served as President of the CCA in 2017. After retiring from a long career at Mercer and while serving on the CCA Board he became the Senior Pension Fellow at the American Academy of Actuaries. He has written numerous papers on retirement design and security, some of which have won awards. He has testified in front of Congress. Don was also the driving force behind the initiative to define and articulate CCA's vision and mission which then led to the CCA's strategic plan that the Board continues to follow and refine today. It was Don's leadership and insight that put the CCA on the path that the organization finds itself on today.

Justin Hornburg

Justin Hornburg

Justin is a dedicated CCA volunteer who has contributed his time and expertise to the annual meeting program committee, the professionalism committee and the healthcare community steering committee. He is the co-leader of the cross-discipline section for this year’s meeting, is the IAA liaison for the Enterprise & Financial Risk forum and he developed the curriculum for and delivered R Training this past summer. He has demonstrated leadership, innovation, collaboration and enthusiasm.

Uccello Sept 2019

Cori Uccello

Cori is the senior health fellow at the American Academy of Actuaries and serves as the actuarial profession’s chief public policy liaison on health issues. She had the formidable task of leading the Academy’s efforts to provide guidance to federal and state regulators regarding the implementation of various provisions in the Affordable Care Act (ACA). She also testified to Congress regarding health insurance premiums and risk-sharing provisions under the ACA and participated in numerous meetings with and briefings for congressional staff on health insurance related topics. Cori is actively involved in the Academy’s efforts to encourage policymakers to improve Medicare’s financial condition and has helped draft issue briefs providing analysis on several reform options. She served as a commissioner on the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (MedPAC) from 2010-2016 and was a member of the 2010-2011 Technical Review Panel on the Medicare Trustees Report.