Technical Resource Library

A searchable database of questions and responses on technical & regulatory retirement topics

This library, exclusively available to CCA members, provides Q&As on technical and regulatory retirement topics. The library includes all the questions and answers from the historical Gray Books (pension questions to IRS), Blue Books (questions to PBGC) and Green Books (pension questions to DOL), including annotations to direct you to subsequent developments that would affect the answer. The questions are categorized by topic, and you can also find questions by searching on key words.

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The CCA is developing a library of new questions and answers, which will be titled the Orange Book. The federal agencies no longer participate in producing the Gray, Blue and Green Books, but questions that cannot be clearly answered by existing agency guidance exist. 

The Orange Book will provide Q&As addressing questions you have with potential answers. The support for these questions, and potential alternative answers will be provided by the experienced members of the CCA's Pension Actuarial Resource Committee.  While the Orange Book will have no involvement from the federal agencies, we believe that discussion of these topics among practitioners will be helpful to our members. 

If you would like to submit a question for consideration please complete the form to the right or send us an email. If submitting by email, please include "Orange Book Question" in the subject line.

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