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All for One and Medicare for All

2/26/2020 - 11:30 AM – 12:45 PM CT
Credits: CPD 1.50

All of the Democratic presidential candidates have set forth a variation of the expansion of Medicare beyond the current eligibility rules. Confused about the proposals? Presenters review the key provisions of each proposal, and discuss the impact to the public, health plans and employers.


1. Dale H. Yamamoto - Red Quill Consulting
2. Tricia Neuman - Kaiser Family Foundation
3. Marc Goldwein - Committee for a Resposible Federal Budget


Developing Discount Rates in Public Sector Pension Valuation

3/11/2020 - 11:30 AM – 12:45 PM CT
Credits: EA Non-Core 1.50, CPD 1.50

In the public sector, discount rates must be "reasonable" as described in ASOP 27. Is "reasonable" something that is "in the eyes of the beholder," or do public sector actuaries use empirical methods to develop discount rates? Attend this webinar to find out!


1. Judith A. Kermans - Gabriel Roeder Smith & Company
2. Randall J. Dziubek - California Public Employees' Retirement System
3. Brian B. Murphy - Gabriel Roeder Smith & Company
4. James Michael Gannon - Vanguard Institutional Advisory Services

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Healthcare technology and treatments are becoming increasingly personalized, which is increasing healthcare costs. Similarly, navigating consumer healthcare options has become increasingly complex, despite attempts to improve transparency.

Join us for this 1½ day program where  experts in the healthcare field detail current problems, highlight areas for improvement, and determine what the actuarial profession can do to help deliver value.

This year, we offer a brand new virtual attendance option.

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2020 CCA Professionalism Seminar: It’s a Jungle Out There

Life is fraught with risks. As actuaries, we have to manage the risks associated with a variety of activities in our professional lives. The way in which we address and handle these situations says a lot about us as professionals, to clients, other actuaries, and third parties with an interest in our work. And make no mistake about it: reputations and even careers may be on the line if you get it wrong.

Join the debate as our presenters discuss the pros and cons of different ways to handle them.

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 “The Consulting Actuary Simplified: Not a Bird Doctor”

Take a couple of minutes to get to know a bit about Melissa Chacko, – a CCA member, volunteer, bike riding, arrow shooting, overall easygoing (and might we add ultra-likable) person- who is not a bird doctor.  Click here to read our latest Member Spotlight.

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