CCA Member Spotlight: Yi-Ling Lin

Yi-Ling Lin

Yi Ling Lin is a problem solver and a collaborator. She’s a team player and enjoys meeting people, which is evident through her volunteer commitments and participation. She approaches her work tenaciously, creates opportunity and enjoys learning. Take a moment to get to know Yi Ling Lin, CCA member and Board of Directors volunteer.


Name: Yi-Ling Lin / Location: Chicago, IL / Employer: The Terry Group / Title: Principal / Area of Practice: Health


My first job out of college was at a healthcare network/utilization review company. The one actuary who worked there encouraged me to take the exams.

The people. The CCA has the best volunteers, staff and folks that attend the meetings.

I love animals. You name it...penguins, moose, turtles, rhino...I love them all.

Tom Terry. I remember when I interviewed with him, he got me to admit that I didn't like "teaching". I thought I bombed that interview. I've been working on "teaching" ever since.

I enjoy working on the Annual Meeting Planning Committee. It's the best way to meet people and make sure the meeting has topics you are interested in!

Northwestern University, Mathematical Methods in the Social Sciences and Economics. 

Don't wait for your big break or for things to fall into place. Make your own fortune and push for those opportunities to advance yourself.

Risk isn't going away! Our skills could be applied in so many different ways outside of traditional insurance and employee benefits. The need for actuaries couldn't be greater.

It's not about me and what I know or can do. It's about how the team can use our skills to help the client gain insights and solve a problem.

In my wildest dreams I would be a professional endurance athlete.

Run, spend time with my family and sleep.

I was once caught in a tsunami warning and had to evacuate to higher ground in Honolulu with 2 kids under 5 years old in tow.


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