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The consulting actuary doesn’t sit on the sidelines. We’re front and center – the movers and shakers – unafraid of using our powers of intellect and charm to advise and conquer. We’re also individuals with countless extraordinary stories to tell. This page will feature the stories of CCA members - who they are and what they do both inside and out of the actuarial world.

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Meet CCA Member: Derek Guyton

Meet your president and fellow member, Derek Guyton. Derek treasures the friendships and connections he's made through his CCA membership. He has a clever sense of humor, is unassuming and full of ideas! He's a staunch advocate for our organization and incredibly honored to serve as your president.

Name: Derek Guyton | Location: Arlington Heights, IL | Employer: Retired | Area of Practice: Health & Welfare

Although I went to a small high school, my guidance counselor suggested I look into actuarial science since it combined my favorite subjects, math and business. So I went into college with that major. But he never explained all the exams required!

All the friendships I have developed and maintained as well as the access to so many brilliant actuaries!

I am a huge Three Stooges fan! (Soitenly!)

Stephen King, as well as Kurt Busiek and Robert Kirkman, who both write comic books/graphic novels

George Wagoner, chief healthcare actuary at Mercer, got me involved with so many interesting projects and connected me with the CCA

Without a doubt, becoming president of the CCA is my professional highlight

I went to college at Drake University in Des Moines, IA. I was one of those rare people who come into college as an ActSci major and made it all the way to FSA!

Finding moments of real happiness in what you are doing. It may not lead to being happy all the time, but the moments you do find are worth it!

Find one or more very experienced actuaries who are willing to honestly mentor, coach and champion you.

There has been much discussion over the last few about how data analytics and similar jobs are drawing people away from actuarial careers, and that is definitely a concern. But I think the best thing we can do is to embrace data science and make it a part of our skill set. Data analysts do not have our experience with risk management, insurance and pensions. nor do they have Standards of Practice like we do.

To me being an effective consulting actuary means being a trusted advisor who can take complex issues and ideas and make them easy to understand by clients.

I took exams before calculators were allowed (yes, I am that old). So I tend to go with "head math" in most cases unless an exact answer is needed. So calculators have their use!

Just because you are retired you should not avoid doing things that are outside of your comfort zone!

I wish I could be a woodworker! When I see the things some people can make by hand, I get so jealous! And don't get me started on using a planer on old wood. So cool!

The CCA gives me the opportunity to continue to stay in touch with people I've worked with and known over the years. It's a wonderful list of such people and I love those connections.

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