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The consulting actuary doesn’t sit on the sidelines. We’re front and center – the movers and shakers – unafraid of using our powers of intellect and charm to advise and conquer. We’re also individuals with countless extraordinary stories to tell. This page will feature the stories of CCA members - who they are and what they do both inside and out of the actuarial world.

Meet Sumit Kundu

Meet CCA Member: Sumit Kundu

Meet CCA member, Sumit Kundu. After spending a few minutes with Sumit, you will quickly realize the depth of his character. He is a dedicated life-long learner, a hard worker, diligent and 100 percent focused on client success. Take a few minutes to learn more about your fellow CCA member.


Name: Sumit Kundu| Location: Wellesley, Massachusetts| Employer: Principal Financial| Area of Practice: Pension

My dad worked at an insurance company back in India and I wanted to be an actuary knowing it is a great profession.

Actuaries understand numbers and how to use those numbers.

CCA conference- learned a lot from these conferences, attending sessions and being the speaker at few sessions.

I have three masters degrees apart from my actuarial and investment designations.

I love reading Wall Street Journal.

My manager at my previous company. He was a true people person and showed me how to be a successful leader.

I ran three major marathons so far - New York, Chicago and Boston

CCA is a great platform to exchange ideas with our peer actuaries.

I went to school in India before coming to USA to join Masters Program in Actuarial Science in Boston University. I did my Masters in
Statistics and MBA in Finance from Calcutta University in India.

To me success means your clients value you and your consulting and is willing to follow you wherever you go. It happened with me
when I switched jobs. I value my clients and try to do my job for them diligently.

Actuarial Exam path is rigorous but worth following as it provides a very rewarding career. Be patient and try to learn as much as you
can and apply it to your day to day work, if possible.

Actuaries will continue to be considered as Risk professionals and will be needed to devise hedging strategies against risk.

Consulting Actuary to me is someone who has consulting bend of mind to help clients mitigating their risks. Consulting actuary need to
have good communication skill to “simplify the complex” for their clients.

Calculators are just tools to help you in calculation but you need to know the process to verify the accuracy of those numbers on your
own mind.

Clients pay my wages at the end and I am accountable to my clients at the end through my work at my employment.

I also wanted to be an Air Force Pilot. But that didn’t happen or never had any chance to happen (as I found out that I am scared of

Spend time with my family and my kids. I run outside very regularly too.

Hard work matters most

That I never ran outside in my life until 2015 and then I ran my first marathon in 2016.

I am part of a professional organization where members are sharp minds and are respected for their intelligence and due diligence.

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