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Adelaida Campos Valle

Meet CCA Member: Adelaida Campos Valle

Meet your fellow member, Adelaida Campos Valle. She is co-founder of the Organization of Latino Actuaries (OLA) and proud to be a member of the CCA - a community she says is wonderfully supportive and fun. Adelaida is passionate about education, believing that it can change lives. She's a natural born leader and is committed to serving others.

Name: Adelaida Campos Valle | Location: Los Angeles, CA | Employer: WTW | Area of Practice: Retirement

From a young age I had a natural facility for math. In high school, I started tutoring my own classmates, which developed into a good business as it gave me monthly income for me to purchase my first car! I was considering Economics (like my father) or Actuarial Science, but he steered me into Actuarial Science, it was a better fit for me. After graduation I did non-actuarial work for eight years in my alma mater in Mexico City and then switched to the actuarial profession when WTW offered me an actuarial job here in the US, which I accepted.

Living in Los Angeles, people think being an Actuary has something to do with Acting! They ask if I have been part of any show 😊.

Also in Spanish, “Actuarios”, are also people who participate in the eviction process so I’ve had people say to me “that must be a tough job!”

Some might assume that I might be a first-generation university graduate (being a Mexican immigrant). My great grandfather was a well-known teacher in Mexico (there is a street named after him!). He had 14 children, many of them women who went to the university (in the 1940s). One of my great-aunts, who obtained two university degrees (as a dentist and a lawyer), was the first female in the Mexican Senate. The next generation also went to university, my mom among them, she became a dentist in 1965. Education and public service has always been very important in my family. I am very fortunate and passionate about helping others who were not as fortunate as I was when it came to education opportunities.

"The Sleepwalkers” by Arthur Koestler. I read it when I was around 12 and it was fascinating to read about how humankind’s vision of the universe has evolved. At some point I wanted to be an astronomer because of this book!

Can I mention two?

1. I was able to significantly increase the number of scholarships awarded at my alma mater by starting the first Phone-a-thon program in Mexico. I was a member of the Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) and was able to modify what was done here in the US to the Mexican culture. For this work, I received the international Leadership Award from CASE in Boston in 1997.

2. I co-founded the Organization of Latino Actuaries (OLA) which has supported hundreds of Latine students and career changers join our wonderful profession here in the US!

I went to Universidad Anáhuac in Mexico and studied Actuarial Science. Even though the SOA/CAS actuarial exams are not required in Mexico, I did take some exams as a student. Having a couple exams and the English language (the university requires speaking two languages) helped me get the job here in the US. Once here though, I had to take all the actuarial exams to get my credentials as an Actuary here in the US, even though I was qualified already as an Actuary in Mexico.

Finding meaning and fulfilment in one’s life by reaching one’s ambitions and being able to be in service to others. Being able to enjoy time with family and friends.

This profession continually evolves, math is important but there are other skills that need to be nurtured like speaking in public, communication, etc. Volunteering to do presentations, working on different projects, volunteering at different organizations, all will help to develop the many skills needed now in the profession.

As the population ages and technology advances, the work of actuaries is even more essential and relevant for companies and states in planning for the future. We already are trusted advisors, but we are becoming trusted advisors in more areas each day.

Working with people, helping people with the issues they face in their roles at their corporations. The role as a consultant is always evolving, as is the economy, technology, life expectancy, regulations, etc. We are the trusted advisors in an ever-changing world and as such, there is never a dull day!

Something in the education field. Be able to help provide access to education to disadvantaged kids and youth. Education changes lives, it gives people possibilities and frees them from poverty. Programs I have started or worked on in the past are related to helping students improve their lives through a better education, and it is very fulfilling. I think that at some point I might switch to fully dedicate my time to this.

I have always enjoyed traveling and have been lucky to have people to travel with. In the last year I was able to take my mom to Israel. I visited San Miguel de Allende and Guanajuato (beautiful towns in Mexico). I also did 120km of the “Camino de Santiago” in Spain. When I was a kid, a bedridden older lady told me the best thing she did in her life was travel, she said the memories of travel stay with you until the end; this stuck with me.


That I am married to an Irish man and aficionado of Irish sports, Hurling in particular (although I cheer for the opposing team because of a mentor of mine who was born in a different county of Ireland). Hurling is one of the fastest ground games in the world, look it up!

I feel proud to be a consultant and a member of the CCA. I have been able to interact with other CCA members and I find it overall a wonderfully supportive and fun community!

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