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The CCA is host to several actuarial communities; active forums for getting answers, sharing your concerns, and taking actions to help shape the profession. The specialized knowledge that CCA Communities' members share continually helps to guide the design of CCA presentations, seminars, webinars and other continuing education offerings, advancing the practice.

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Corporate Qualified Pensions Community

The purpose of the Corporate Qualified Pensions community is to assist retirement actuaries to meet their business and educational needs.

Emerging Leaders Community

Whether you desire to be a leader within the profession, within your organization, or even within your teams, this community will provide you with opportunities to gain new skills and understanding to help you achieve your goals. This community is where aspiring and established leaders come together to share their experiences in becoming actuarial leaders and discuss challenges they have faced along the way.

Executive Compensation and Benefits Community

This Community is a forum for CCA members who work in the area of executive compensation and benefits, with a particular focus on nonqualified plans (both DC and DB), to share knowledge, ideas, and trends.

Expert Witness Community

The Expert Witness Community is comprised of actuaries who perform or are interested in Expert Witness (EW) work. The purpose of this community is to facilitate networking among its members, help make them better in this line of work, and provide a repository for appropriate reference material. Topics of discussion will be member driven, but may include: differences between EW opinions and actuarial analysis reports; EW trends and opportunities; resolving potential conflicts of interest; testimony preparation, presentation and pitfalls; and maintaining attorney-client privilege.

Healthcare Community

The Healthcare Community promotes sound actuarial considerations for healthcare, including reform, at the national and state level, and provides an open forum for the exchange of ideas among actuaries concerned about healthcare issues. The highly regarded healthcare track at the CCA’s Annual Meeting is derived in part from the Community's assessments. The CCA Health Meeting brings carrier and consulting actuaries together with regulators and policy makers. Join the CCA and get involved with the Healthcare Community. Don't let the changes pass you by in this extremely dynamic practice area.

HR, Compensation and Benefits Community

This Community is a forum for actuaries working in HR roles (compensation, benefits, and other related HR capacities) to share, learn, network, leverage knowledge, skills, share ideas, and an area where peers may serve as a sounding board for input/critique.

Multiemployer Plans Community

The purpose of the Multiemployer Plans Community is to assist multiemployer plan actuaries to meet their business and educational needs.

Non-Medical Health and Welfare Community

This Community is a forum for actuaries working in consulting and insurance to discuss actuarial issues regarding non‐medical health & welfare benefits. Non‐medical includes, but isn’t limited to, group life, disability, dental and vision, long‐term care, workers’ compensation, leaves and absence management, and other “ancillary” benefits.

Public Plans Community

The Public Plans Community is charged with advancing the sound actuarial and governance practice in the public sector retirement and employee benefits arenas. This CCA Community acts as a discussion forum as well as a repository for intelligence and analyses. Community activities to date have focused on subjecting the emerging views of the Governmental Accounting Standards Board on postemployment benefits to actuarial scrutiny. Community members were principal authors of industry comments to the GASB and also have participated in both formal GASB hearings and informal staff discussions. Ongoing projects include model funding and disclosure practices as well as governance and measurement issues. If you work in the public plan area you owe it to yourself to play an active part helping shape this vital area of actuarial practice.

Smaller Actuarial Consulting Firms Community

The purpose of the Smaller Actuarial Consulting Firms Community is to assist smaller actuarial consulting firms to meet their business and educational needs.

Women in Consulting Community

This Community is focused on the challenges faced by women actuaries working in consulting, and is currently open to members and non-members alike. If you are a non-member who would like to participate in this new CCA Community, please e-mail Shannon Peterson.

Antitrust Notice

Applicability of Antitrust Laws

Professional societies, including the Conference of Consulting Actuaries, are subject to federal and state antitrust laws, and must constantly monitor their activities to ensure continued compliance with all antitrust regulations.

Purpose of Antitrust Laws

The antitrust laws prohibit any concerted activity or combination of competitors from interfering with free competition. In other words, the primary thrust of the law is to control private economic power by protecting competition. Persons and organizations are prohibited from engaging in any action which unreasonably restrains commerce or trade (i.e., competition). Per se violations (practices presumed to be inherently wrong regardless of the motivating factors) include: agreements to fix or stabilize prices, to divide markets, to allocate production, or to impose boycotts. In essence, this means any concerted action that significantly diminishes rivalry among competing firms.

The CCA's Policy

The Board of Directors of the Conference of Consulting Actuaries intends adherence to the antitrust laws. The CCA provides guidance on compliance by regularly communicating to our membership, attendees at our continuing education offerings, and committee/task force meetings regarding both the applicability and purpose of antitrust laws.