Wynn Kent Award Form

To honor Irwin I. "Wynn" Kent, President from 1989-1990 for the Conference of Consulting Actuaries, Mr. Kent's son, Ken Kent -- Fellow and also a Past President of the CCA --established, along with family and friends, an award in Mr. Kent's name.

The Wynn Kent Public Communication Award is given to members of the actuarial profession who have contributed to the public awareness of the work of the actuarial profession and the value of actuarial science in meeting the financial security of society in the fields of life, health, casualty, pension and other related areas. The intent of this award is to encourage actuaries to engage in activities that highlight the actuarial profession's role in financial security issues benefiting the public.

Ways in which attributes are recognized may include, but not limited to:  

  • Literature
  • Speeches
  • Presentations
  • Volunteering
  • Representing the role of the actuary in areas outside the actuarial profession.
  • This award is available to all members of the actuarial profession who have contributed to the public awareness of:

  • The work of the actuarial profession; and
  • The value of actuarial science in meeting the financial security of society in the fields of life, health, casualty, pensions and other related areas.
  • Recognition may be for a single event or a lifetime of achievements in public awareness.  Actuaries employed by actuarial organizations are eligible for nomination, as well as actuaries outside of the US. Self-nominations are welcome.

    The award itself is a one thousand dollar ($1,000 US) monetary prize, a plaque of recognition, and a waiver of registration fee for the Annual Meeting of the Conference of Consulting Actuaries where the award is presented.

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