Lifetime Achievement Award

This is awarded to a volunteer for contributions made to the Conference of Consulting Actuaries, or the actuarial consulting profession in general, during his/her professional career. The award is announced at the CCA's Annual Meeting, where the recipient is given a plaque, a small gift, and waiver of registration fees for that meeting. Although nominations are accepted throughout the year, nominations made by June 1 of each year would be considered for presentation at the upcoming Annual Meeting.

How often: Awarded no less than triennial, no more than annual.

Who is eligible?: CCA members (Past Presidents of the CCA become eligible five years after serving as President).

Nomination Form

The Conference of Consulting Actuaries invites you to nominate an individual for the CCA Lifetime Achievement Award by submitting the official form.

Past Recipients:

2020 - Lawrence J. Sher

2019 - Dale Yamamoto

2018 - Frederick W. Kilbourne

2017 - Nadine Orloff

2016 - Lance J. Weiss

2015 - Barbara J. Lautzenheiser

2014 - Carol R. Sears 

2013 - William F. Bluhm

2012 - Curtis E. Huntington

2011 - Robert J. Rietz

2010 - Herbert S. Wolf

2009 - John H. Muetterties

2008 - Donald J. Segal

2007 - Robert J. Myers

2006 - Michael J. Tierney

2005 - Douglas C. Borton