Lifetime Achievement Award

This is awarded to a volunteer for contributions made to the Conference of Consulting Actuaries, or the actuarial consulting profession in general, during his/her professional career. The award is announced at the CCA's Annual Meeting, where the recipient is given a plaque, a small gift, and waiver of registration fees for that meeting. Although nominations are accepted throughout the year, nominations made by June 1 of each year would be considered for presentation at the upcoming Annual Meeting.

How often: Awarded no less than triennial, no more than annual.

Who is eligible?: CCA members (Past Presidents of the CCA become eligible five years after serving as President).

Past Recipients:

2020 - Lawrence J. Sher

2019 - Dale Yamamoto

2018 - Frederick W. Kilbourne

2017 - Nadine Orloff

2016 - Lance J. Weiss

2015 - Barbara J. Lautzenheiser

2014 - Carol R. Sears 

2013 - William F. Bluhm

2012 - Curtis E. Huntington

2011 - Robert J. Rietz

2010 - Herbert S. Wolf

2009 - John H. Muetterties

2008 - Donald J. Segal

2007 - Robert J. Myers

2006 - Michael J. Tierney

2005 - Douglas C. Borton

Nomination Form

The Conference of Consulting Actuaries invites you to nominate an individual for the CCA Lifetime Achievement Award by submitting the official form.