• Webinar: A Broad Look at Consequences of the SECURE Act

  • Webinar: Legal Issues and Regulatory Updates

    In this CCA retirement series webinar, the panelists provide an overview of recent regulatory guidance, new or proposed legislation and litigation affecting retirement plans. The discussion includes the potential implications of these developments on plan sponsors, plan participants and other parties.

  • 2021 Professionalism Seminar

  • Webinar: Professionalism in a Virtual World

    In this CCA cross discipline webinar, panelists take a look at new and old ASOPs, in particular, how do actuaries follow the ASOPs, particularly in this age of less formal and more frequent client interactions? How do you convey risk via text?

  • Webinar: Health Plan and PBM Cost Mitigation Strategies

    In this CCA healthcare series webinar, presenters discuss strategies that health plans and pharmacy benefits managers are using to manage these high cost treatments. In recent years, the number of high cost pharmaceutical treatments for a variety of conditions has been increasing. These drugs typically categorized as specialty drugs include infusion drugs, biologics, oncology, and gene therapy treatments for both common and relatively rare conditions.

  • Webinar: Retirement - New Angles and Variations on a Theme

    In this CCA retirement series webinar speakers will explore new angles on how to tackle the retirement problem – what retirement plan features do employees and retirees really want? As we enter a new decade and a new normal emerging out of the COVID-19 pandemic, and in the midst of major technological advancements and the transformation of the workplace, one thing remains constant – the retirement needs of the work force. If we have the opportunity to start from scratch and the ability to repeal ERISA and PPA, how would we design retirement policy for the nation? Are there areas where defined benefit plans are still the best option? Can defined contribution plans provide for adequate retirement income?

  • Webinar: International Actuarial Practice for Domestic U.S. Actuaries

  • Webinar: Risk Adjustment-Comprehensive, Controversial or Both?

    In this CCA healthcare series webinar, speakers will focus on the Medicare Risk Adjustment program that has been in place for a number of years while the relatively more recent ACA Risk Adjustment program for the individual healthcare exchanges adjusts for health risks between plans in a different manner. The presenters review each programs’ underlying methodology and how the healthcare industry views each program’s successes and pitfalls. We also discuss how recent legislation may impact one or both programs.

  • 2021 CCA Annual Meeting

    The CCA's Annual Meeting offers a blend of world-class education and networking with an atmosphere that caters to all. The meeting features diverse sessions to match your needs and interests. Choose from Retirement, Health & Welfare, Public Plans, International, Multiemployer, Investment and Cross Discipline topics.

  • Webinar: The Auditors' Perspective

    In this CCA retirement series webinar, panelists discuss what auditors look for in actuarial reports and the information they request. What are the key items from their perspective and how best can actuaries respond? What are the current “hot topics” in pension auditing?

  • Webinar: The Auditor Called, “What Did I Do Wrong Now?”

    In this CCA cross discipline series webinar, speaker Dale Yamamoto, Red Quill Consulting, will walk you through what auditors are looking for. You started working on a retiree group benefit (OPEB) valuation for this year. Don’t you wish you knew what auditors would be looking for this time around? Are they comparing any assumptions with the pension valuation for the same client? What the heck is that Getzen model anyway? Should you be worried about whether or not you’re qualified to do the work? Come hear the latest from actuaries who may be auditing your work next year.

  • Webinar: Liability Driven Investment and De-Risking in a Post-Pandemic World

    In this CCA retirement series webinar, speakers review the value of liability driven investment. How are current conversations being impacted by low interest rates? How do you measure the value of liability driven investment once implemented?

  • Webinar: Financial Reporting in Healthcare

    In this CCA healthcare series webinar, presenters will discuss current topics in financial reporting including statements of actuarial opinion for appointed actuaries, techniques and considerations for calculating health reserves, regulatory compliance issues, or other current topics of interest to actuaries working with healthcare financial reporting. Perspectives may include those of health plans, employers, auditors, or regulatory actuaries.