Sessions by Topic

Code Designations

A schedule of all sessions is in this brochure. Code designations have been added for guidance in selecting sessions by anticipated CPE credit. The key is as follows:

C = EA Core • NC = EA Noncore • E = EA Ethics • No = No EA Credit

Session Number(s) Session Credit Designation
Accounting Issues
104 Hot Topics in Accounting NC
204 Accounting for Special Events NC
905 Valuing an Organization with a Defined Benefit Plan NC
1004 Working with Auditors NC
103 Substitute Mortality Tables Submission Tips C
405 Credibility (Non-Mortality) C
701 Funding Methods and Changes C
Beyond Corporate Retirement Plans
504 Church Plans NC
606 Multiple Employer Plans C
Compliance Issues
301 Actuarial Equivalence C
401 Missing Participants and Post-65 Distributions C
702 Plan Spinoffs C
801 Q&N/As: The Known Unknowns C
803 Working With the IRS for Rulings C
901 Dialogue with the IRS/Treasury C
DC Issues
305 US Retirement Readiness – What’s the Problem? NC
902 Lifetime Income / QLAC NC
Health and Welfare
906 OPEB Basics for Pension Actuaries NC
Investment Issues
106 Expected Return Q&As for Pension Actuaries NC
502 Overview: Settling Pension Liabilities C/NC
Multiemployer Plans
206 Joint Select Committee and the Road Ahead C
306 Dialogue With and Update From the PBGC for Multiemployer Plans C
506 Multiemployer Pension Reform Act (MPRA) Evolution: Benefit Suspension Experiences C
706 Emerging From the Zones (Endangered or Critical Status) - and Staying Out C
806 Would Your Assumptions Survive Review Under MPRA, and Should They? C
1006 Multiemployer Plans Workshop C
New Rulings/Development
101/601 Late Breaking Developments C
201 ERISA Litigation Affecting Defined Benefit Plans C
Nondiscrimination Issues
704 Closed Group Testing Failures and Corrections C
Nonqualified Plans
102 Basics of Nonqualified Plans NC
406 Effect of Tax Reform on Nonqualified Plans NC
PBGC/Plan Termination Issues
202 PBGC: Update and Dialogue for Single-Employer Plans C
302 Plan Termination C
805 PBGC Participant and Plan Sponsor Advocate C
1001 PBGC Blue Book and Website Questions and Answers C
Plan Design Issues
604 Variable Annuity and Benefit Plans C/NC
Professionalism and Policy
304 Evolving Standards of Practice C
404 ASB Standards for Pension Actuaries C
501 Dialogue with the Joint Board and Review of Key Sections of the Joint Board Regulations C
904 ASOP 51: Practical Approaches C
Public Plans
105 Implementing GASB 74 and 75 - Lessons Learned NC
205 Impact of Proposed ASOP Changes on Public Plans NC
505 Public Pension UAAL: A Closer Look NC
605 Public Plan Benefits Administration Issues NC
705 Public Pension Plan Mortality Study NC
1005 Public Plans Workshop NC
Retirement/Consulting Issues
402 Research on Generational Perspectives on Retirement NC
602 SOA Research and its Application to Pension Actuaries NC
802 Government Contracting NC
804 Overfunded Plans – Effective Use of Surplus C
1002 Corporate In-House Actuaries Workshop NC
Small Plan Issues
203 Section 199A Tax Reform C/NC
303 Maximum Deductions C
403 Document Workshop C
503 Compensation for Self Employed C/NC
603 Cash Balances – Small Plan Design and Operation C
703 Valuation of Pension Benefits in a Divorce C
903 401(a)(26) Issues C
1003 Small Plan Workshop C
General Sessions
001 Reading the Tea Leaves: Where is Retirement Policy Headed? NC
002 Ethics C/E
003 Rise and Fall of Discount Rates NC