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CCA's membership consists of the top intellectual authorities within the profession, so joining our organization means you can count yourself among the best of the best.  The prestige that comes with CCA member status carries a weight in the industry all its own - indicating you are dedicated to going above and beyond in your career as an actuary, as well as on behalf of the entire practice's advancement. 


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Actuaries who have received their SOA, CAS, or EA credential within the last 12 months are eligible to receive 50% dues for the first 3 years of membership*. This means that for $212.50, you will receive the same great benefits as other CCA members.

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To ensure you' re equipped to advance the profession as well as your career, CCA offers a variety of exclusive tools and benefits to empower you and  help you be the best actuary you can be.

Gain access to a robust network of actuaries through our Communities platform. These leading minds are ready & willing professional allies with unique insights into navigation of a niche field.  Communities are no limits networking, where you can do everything from requesting feedback on an issue you're personally facing to simply discussing current, nationwide events impacting your particular practice area.

CCA's Continuing Education offerings are second to none. From webinars to meetings, we continue to provide the most timely, cost-effective opportunities available. CCA prides itself on its efforts to continue to offer meetings to the modern-day practicing actuary that are consistently at the utmost quality. As a CCA member, you receive the best rates for all CCA-sponsored continuing education events and seminars.  This includes the highly-acclaimed Annual Meeting, as well as the Enrolled Actuaries Meeting.


Membership comes with additional benefits that you can use every day such as a complimentary digital subscription to The Wall Street Journal. Other such resources include assistance with Professionalism guidelines & member-only web content. Being part of CCA means you have access to the tools and services you need to ensure you are practicing at peak performance.


As a CCA Member, you will also receive access to other resources to help you succeed including:

  • Engagement letter guidelines;
  • Peer review guidelines;
  • Best practices for avoiding litigation against actuaries; and
  • High Continuing Professional Development (CPD) standards.
  • A Peer Review Directory of members willing to do peer review for actuaries from other firms;
  • A Joint Project Directory of actuaries willing to do joint projects with other actuaries from other firms;
  • A Mentor Directory of members who are willing to mentor new consultants; and
  • An Errors and Omissions Insurance Program, that provides discounts for firms with "best practices," and financial protection.