206 - Bias: Good, Bad, or a Fact of Life?

Biases. We all have them and we all deal with them in our work. Whether cognitive, social, or statistical in nature, bias creeps into actuarial work. Is bias bad, or can it be a good thing? Is it neither, and simply something for actuaries to identify, understand, and manage? How do we accomplish that? Join this interactive session as our panelists and audience discuss and debate different types of biases actuaries encounter in our work.


David Scharf


Ellen L. Kleinstuber

Bolton Partners, Inc.

Kristi C. Garrington

Horizon Actuarial Services LLC

Rebecca O'Loughlin Trauger


Shelley Yunjie Zhao



CPD Credit: 1.50 EA Core Credit: 0.00 EA Ethics Credit: 0.00 EA Non-Core Credit: 1.50 EA Formal Credit: 1.50