1-C-2 - Frozen Plans (Baby It's Cold Outside)

Your client’s plan has been frozen for a number of years. Coverage has declined, assets may have grown or decreased, interest rates have risen precipitously. The plan sponsor needs to develop a strategy to address short-term and long-term issues, including how to meet minimum funding requirements, how to comply with the rules of IRC sections 401(a)(4), 410(b), and 401(a)(26) (which may force unanticipated plan changes), and how to complete an efficient and cost-effective plan termination (if that’s their goal). The speakers address potential issues and possible strategies to avoid them. Speakers may also address similar issues encountered in some closed plan situations.


Aubrey Stadtlander

Principal Financial Group

Mr. Bruce C. Gaffney

Ropes & Gray

Ms. Linda L. Bournival

KMS Actuaries, LLC


CPD Credit: 1.50 EA Core Credit: 1.50 EA Ethics Credit: 0.00 EA Non-Core Credit: 0.00 EA Formal Credit: 1.50