406 - Problem Solving Roundtable: Saving Social Security

Absent any legislative action, Social Security benefits are expected to decrease by about 25% in 2033. With an eye toward addressing this problem, panelists discuss different levers we could pull to make Social Security solvent. Should we increase taxes? Cut benefits? A bit of both? We'll use polling to gather input to serve as the starting point for a Social Security reform package to be presented to lawmakers. Let’s harness the brainpower of actuaries and help make a difference.


Erica Peters


Justin N. Hornburg

Mr. Craig P. Rosenthal


Mr. James G. Berberian


Mr. Jonathan R. Barry

Patricia A. Rotello


CPD Credit: 2.00 EA Core Credit: 0.00 EA Ethics Credit: 0.00 EA Non-Core Credit: 0.00 EA Formal Credit: 0.00