206 - Identifying and Assessing Bias in Pension and Healthcare

The revised US Qualification Standards (USQS) that are effective as of January 1, 2022 include an annual one hour bias topics continuing education requirement. Following a brief introduction discussing the evolution and implications of this requirement in the USQS, our speakers discuss several types of bias, including specific examples from both the retirement and health practices. We hope that all attendees leave with not only their bias topics requirement satisfied for 2022, but also with a keener understanding of how biases may emerge in actuarial practice.


Elizabeth A. Wiley

Cheiron, Inc.

Justin N. Hornburg

Mr Robert (Andy) Blough

Indiana Public Retirement System

Mr. Thomas S. Terry

The Terry Group

Yi-Ling Lin

The Terry Group


CPD Credit: 1.50 EA Core Credit: 0.00 EA Ethics Credit: 0.00 EA Non-Core Credit: 0.00 EA Formal Credit: 0.00