Wynn Kent Public Communication Award

To honor Irwin I. "Wynn" Kent, President from 1989-1990 for the Conference of Consulting Actuaries, Mr. Kent's son, Ken Kent -- Fellow and also a Past President of the CCA -- established, along with family and friends, an award in Mr. Kent's name through The Actuarial Foundation.

The intent of this award is to recognize members of the actuarial profession who have contributed to the public's understanding of financial risk and to encourage more actuaries to engage in these activities. Activities recognized by the Award include, but are not limited to: Literature, speeches, work with the media, and volunteering and representing the profession in areas outside the actuarial profession.



This award given to an eligible actuary who has materially contributed to the communication of financial risk and work product of the actuarial profession in some form or media to the public.  Recipients must be a member of a recognized US actuarial professional organization.



  • One thousand dollars ($1,000 US) monetary prize;
  • A plaque of recognition;
  • A waiver of registration fee for the Annual Meeting of the Conference of Consulting Actuaries where the award is presented

The Award may or may not be given annually, based on the eligibility and quality of nominations received each year.



Nominations must be received by June 1st of each year.

Nomination Form

The Conference of Consulting Actuaries invites you to nominate an individual for the Wynn Kent Award by submitting the official form.

Past Recipients:

2020 - Robert J. Rietz

2019 - Carol R. Sears

2016 - Steve Vernon

2015 - Josh Shapiro

2014 - Frederick W. Kilbourne

2013 - Dale H. Yamamoto

2012 - Jim Toole

2011 - Richard S. Foster

2010 - John Bertko

2009 - Vincent Amoroso

2008 - Ronald Gebhardtsbauer

2007 - A. Haeworth Robertson

2006 - Anna M. Rappaport

Contributions to the Wynn Kent Memorial Fund can be made through The Actuarial Foundation's website at: http://www.actuarialfoundation.org/donate/index.shtml