Liaisons Reporting to the President

Joint Intersector Group Bruce Cadenhead
Joint Intersector Group Tonya B. Manning

Liaisons Reporting to the VP of Continuing Education

Academy Active Benefits Subcommittee Adam J. Reese
Academy Employee Benefits Committee John J. Schubert
Academy Health Practice Council John J. Schubert
Academy Pension Committee Nadine Orloff
Academy Professionalism Council Paul B. Zeisler
Academy Retiree Benefits Subcommittee John J. Schubert

Liaisons Reporting to the Immediate Past President

IAA Accreditation Committee John H. Lowell
IAA Committee on Pension and Employee Benefits Maria M. Sarli
IAA Delegate (Alternate) Michael S. Clark
IAA Education Committee John H. Lowell
IAA General Insurance Committee Margaret Tiller Sherwood
IAA Health Committee Edward M. Pudlowski
IAA Health Section Edward M. Pudlowski
IAA Professionalism Committee Cecil D. Bykerk
IACA Liaison Adam J. Reese