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12/02/2015 - 12:30 – 1:45 PM ET
Credits: EA Ethics 1.50 CPD 1.50

As actuaries, we face ethical challenges every day. Listen in as some actuaries reach out for Requests for Guidance (a service offered by the ABCD) to help them navigate through challenges they are wrestling with.


1. Carol R. Sears - Actuarial Consulting Group Inc.
Richard A. Block - Block Consulting Actuaries Inc.
Cheryl A. Ham - Aon Hewitt
Justin N. Hornburg - American Benefits Consulting
David Ogden - Milliman Inc.

Questions for IRS and PBGC Sought for Gray and Blue Books

The Gray Book Committee is accepting questions in preparation for their meetings with the aforementioned government bodies for the 2016 editions. They are seeking relevant questions covering such areas as funding, nondiscrimination, benefit restrictions, qualification issues, PBGC-related issues, and other areas that are of interest to enrolled actuaries. Click here for details and to access the question generator.

Please submit any questions by Friday, November 6th.

Find a Consulting Actuary

The Directory of Actuarial Consultants allows you to search for a consulting actuary based on contact information, practice area (Pension, Health, Life, and Casualty), type of firm, or scope of practice.

Actuarial Funding Policies and Practices for Public Pension Plans

The Conference of Consulting Actuaries’ Public Plans Community (CCA PPC) released a white paper titled "Actuarial Funding Policies and Practices for Public Pension Plans" to provide guidance to policymakers and other interested parties on the development of actuarially based funding policies for public pension plans. The CCA PPC includes over 50 leading actuaries whose firms are responsible for the actuarial services provided to the majority of public-sector retirement systems in the US. All of the major actuarial firms serving the public sector are represented in the CCA PPC as well as in-house actuaries from several state plans. As a result, the CCA PPC represents a broad cross section of public-sector actuaries with extensive experience providing valuation and consulting services to public plans, and it is that experience that provides the knowledge base for this paper.

Intersector Meeting Notes

Twice a year the Intersector Group meets with representatives of the U.S. Department of Treasury (Treasury Department), the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), and the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC) to dialogue with them on regulatory and other issues affecting pension practice. Click here to view notes from meetings with the IRS, Treasury, and PBGC on regulatory issues affecting pension practice.