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Professional Liability Insurance Program for Retirement, Casualty, Health, and Life Actuaries Endorsed by the Conference of Consulting Actuaries

It is a goal of the CCA to promote the availability of reliable and effective professional protection for all actuarial disciplines as part of its support of the practicing actuary. The CCA has chosen Hub International Florida to administer this program.

Professional Liability Insurance protection has always been difficult to obtain at reasonable rates. Exposures that an actuary may face can be in the billions. However, reality has shown that your defense is what is really important.

Most claims arise from a lack of understanding of the actuary's role. Many times it is a case of "shoot the messenger."

Professional Liability provides that defense coverage which can be an expensive education. In a claim, the discovery can take up to a year to accomplish and be very expensive.

Peace of mind that you will not be alone is one of the leading benefits for having Professional Liability Protection.

Covered Professional Services

The Professional Liability policy covers actuaries while acting within normal duties. This includes any actual act or alleged breach of duty.

Other areas included:

  • Computer Software Services
  • Handling Client Funds
  • Attorneys and CPA Working as Employees of the Firm
  • Claims Administration Services
  • Worldwide Coverage for Suits Brought in U.S.

Quick & Easy

  • Simple Application
  • Quick Turnaround on Quotes
  • Certificates Issued Within 24 Hours
  • Experienced Staff Toll Free Phone: 866.398.1234

Policy Features

  • Limits up to $5,000,000
  • Deductibles from $1,500
  • Claims Made Form
  • Broad Definition of Named Insured
  • Full Prior Acts

Also Available:

  • Employment Practices Liability
  • Directors and Officers Coverage