Benefits of Membership

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We support consulting actuaries in all practice areas, in many countries. Members of the CCA receive support and assistance in:


The benefits to you include:

Of all of the actuarial organizations in the United States, the CCA has the highest continuing education requirement. This requirement is easily met for most practicing consulting actuaries.

Continuing Education

To help its members, the CCA has superior continuing education opportunities:

  • The Enrolled Actuaries Meeting each April in Washington, DC;
  • The CCA's Annual Meeting each fall, including sessions on business and consulting skills, plus networking forums for Healthcare, Public Plans, and Smaller Consulting Firms;
  • Specialty Meetings, Seminars, audiocasts, and the CCA's Small Firms practice roundtable;

These meetings allow ample time and opportunities for networking with peers, and learning from them.

The CCA helps its members by producing The Consulting Actuary e-newsletter quarterly, and an annual summary of selected sessions from the Annual Meeting. The CCA also maintains a website with enhanced services for members.

Client Work

The CCA helps its members better serve their clients and their publics, by maintaining:

  • A Peer Review Directory of members willing to do peer review for actuaries from other firms;
  • A Joint Project Directory of actuaries willing to do joint projects with other actuaries from other firms;
  • A Mentor Directory of members who are willing to mentor new consultants; and
  • An Errors and Omissions Insurance Program, that provides discounts for firms with "best practices," and financial protection.

Representing Members' Interests

The CCA appoints over 20 liaison positions to other actuarial organizations worldwide.

The purpose of these liaisons is three-fold:

  • Represent the consultants' viewpoint and interests to the other organizations;
  • Keep CCA members informed of these organizations' activities of interest to consulting actuaries; and
  • Promote strategic alliances with actuarial and other professional organizations.

Research Support

To promote research, the CCA contributes to, and encourages its members to contribute to, The Actuarial Foundation. The CCA instituted two prizes that are now with The Actuarial Foundation. The first is The John Hanson Memorial Prize for an outstanding research paper in the employee benefits area. The second is the Wynn Kent Public Communication Award, which recognizes a member of the actuarial profession who has contributed to the communication of financial risk and the work product of the actuarial profession in some form, or media, to the public.

Volunteer Recognition

Volunteer recognition includes a board-awarded Lifetime Achievement Award and the annual Most Valuable Volunteer Award.

Becoming a CCA Member

Becoming a CCA member is as easy as meeting its membership requirements and filling out an application form. This form includes a signed statement that there are no outstanding ABCD complaints against you and that you are aware of and willing to comply with the CCA's continuing education requirement.

We look forward to having you as a member!