409 - Predictive Analytics: Communicating Strategy and Value to Your Stakeholders

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Gradient boosting, neural networks, Area Under the Curve and all those technical things will be covered in the session immediately following this one. This session is not going to be technical, but we will predict in advance, based on the panel’s resumes, it will be informative. Actuaries are tackling some very interesting business problems using predictive analytics and presenters will showcase a few use cases. Predictive analytics provides significant improvement in accuracy in many use cases, but there are also risks associated with using advanced analytics that the panel will address. One of the biggest challenges of predictive analytics is it has the reputation of being a “black box” as it lacks the transparency of more traditional actuarial tools. Reputations can be deceiving, and this panel will share some best practices in peer review and tailoring communications to different audiences of stakeholders so that everyone can leverage the value of the “black box.”


Michael S. Clark

River and Mercantile

Derek N. Guyton

Edward M. Pudlowski

MorningStar Actuarial Consulting, LLC

James L. Jones - EY

Tasha Eurich


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