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Single Employer Pension Funding Relief and Legislative Initiatives Webinar

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Single Employer Pension Funding Relief and Legislative Initiatives March 10, 2021 11:30 AM - 12:45 PM

Presenters discuss the latest on pension funding relief and other legislative activities. The content of this webinar is dependent upon whether or not single employer pension funding relief is passed by the webinar date and if so, whether the IRS has issued any guidance on the new law. If it is passed and there is IRS guidance, expect a detailed analysis of the new provisions and how they could impact plan sponsors, particularly if there is choice involved. If that is not the case, expect a higher-level discussion of the funding relief provisions and outlook for passage.

Session Category
EA Core1.50


  • 1 Barbara J. Ruel Mercer
  • 2 Harold J. Ashner Keightley & Ashner, LLP
  • 3 Lynn D. Dudley American Benefits Council
  • 4 Diann Howland American Benefits Council
  • 5 Margaret S. Berger Mercer