01 - The Healthcare Landscape Heading Into the 2020 Election April 01, 2020 1:15 PM - 2:45 PM

Panelists provide an overview of the key healthcare issues affecting the political debate in Washington D.C. and around the country. Phil Ellis, President of Ellis Health Policy, Inc. and an independent consultant on health policy issues and economic analysis, and Brigen Winters, an ERISA and tax attorney and Partner with the Groom Law Group, will offer their perspectives on the recent regulations shaping the healthcare environment today as well as the issues and proposed healthcare legislation likely to be front and center in the healthcare debate as we head into the 2020 U.S. Presidential election.

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Health & Welfare

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2020 CCA Healthcare Meeting

2019 CCA Healthcare Meeting


Healthcare technology and treatments are becoming increasingly personalized, which is increasing healthcare costs. Similarly, navigating consumer healthcare options has become increasingly complex, despite attempts to improve transparency. Through this 1½ day program, experts in the healthcare field detail current problems, highlight areas for improvement (including better data and predictive analytic techniques), and determine what the actuarial profession can do to help deliver value. And since we’re in Washington, DC, we’ll ask experts how the 2020 election cycle may change the healthcare landscape.


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By the end of the meeting, you'll understand that this is a healthcare meeting focused on your future. Speaking of which...


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When registering for the meeting, you can choose to attend either in person at the Marriott Wardman Park in Washington, DC or virtually through the meeting's livestream. As a virtual attendee you have the same ability to see presenters and their presentations (and even ask questions of panelists) as those in attendance. As an in-person attendee you can connect with your fellow attendees and discuss the sessions during breaks (including breakfast, lunch and the Wednesday reception). Choose to participate the way that benefits you best.




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  • 2 Philip Ellis Ellis Health Policy
  • 3 Brigen L. Winters Groom Law Group
  • 1 Stuart H. Alden Aon
  • 2 Thomas Edward Persichetti Persichetti & Associates, LLC
  • 3 David M. Tuomala Optum
  • 1 Whitney Schwark Pratt Cigna
  • 2 Sanjit Puri Optum Advisory Services
  • 3 Gregory L. Warren Optum
  • 4 Crystal Kauder PartnerRe America Insurance Company
  • 1 Stuart H. Alden Aon
  • 2 Scott Doolittle Quantum Health, Inc.
  • 3 Steven Knight Quantum Health, Inc.
  • 4 Carolyn M. Young Accolade
  • 5 Matt Eurey Accolade
  • 1 Dale H. Yamamoto Red Quill Consulting
  • 2 Tamara Hayford Congressional Budget Office
  • 1 Thomas Edward Persichetti Persichetti & Associates, LLC
  • 2 Chad Mulvany Healthcare Financial Management Association
  • 3 Daniel Patrick Santmyer Cedar Gate Technologies
  • 4 Joseph Dean Heintzelman Optum
  • 1 Whitney Schwark Pratt Cigna
  • 2 Jennifer Carioto Milliman
  • 3 Katie Martin Health Care Cost Institute
  • 1 David M. Tuomala Optum
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