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Wellness Everything – Health, Wealth, Life and Everything In-Between February 13, 2019 11:30 AM - 12:45 PM

The recent surge of wellness-type programs has introduced financial wellbeing in to play alongside the more traditional physical health programs; however, comprehensive programs that truly integrate all wellness aspects in the broadest sense are still in their infancy. Presenters discuss the latest trends and developments in the wellness arena and the challenges faced in building out a total program. We will also take a deeper dive into some of the wellness component and how they interact with each other, including financial literacy and management, retirement planning, physical and emotional health, and voluntary benefits. Note that any allocation of EA credit depends on the actual content of the session.

Session Category
Cross Discipline
EA Non-Core0.75


  • 1 David Scharf Buck
  • 2 Lori Block Buck
  • 3 Pearce R. Weaver Fidelity Investments