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Managing Your Career in a Professionalism Framework – The 2019 CCA Professionalism Seminar

Managing Your Career in a Professionalism Framework – The 2019 CCA Professionalism Seminar


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Managing Your Career in a Professionalism Framework – The 2019 CCA Professionalism Seminar April 07, 2019 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Our culture is built on a foundation of diverse viewpoints that can either discourage civil discourse and debate, or enrich dialogue that leads to mutual understanding and improved outcomes. In our professional lives, a lack of mutual understanding and appreciation for other perspectives can lead to greater professional liability exposure and increased risk to our reputation as actuaries. As actuaries, we are required to perform actuarial services with courtesy and professional respect and to cooperate with others in our clients' interests. How can we best do so in the current environment?

Hearing from people with differing opinions improves our ability to analyze complex and multifaceted issues, arrive at an informed decision about how to manage the range of potential consequences, and navigate toward a successful outcome. Many aspects of actuarial professionalism fall into this category of "complex and multifaceted" issues. This seminar is a great opportunity to explore ways to build and manage your career as an actuary and professional with a group of your peers, where you can benefit from hearing a range of opinions to help inform how you approach actuarial professionalism challenges. Topics we'll talk about include:

  • Building and maintaining your reputation;
  • Balancing commercial interests with your professional responsibility;
  • Managing client relationships;
  • Maintaining independence (both real and perceived);
  • Working well with other actuaries and professionals; and
  • Understanding differences in professional opinion.

We promise you’ll find the discussion at this year's CCA Professionalism Seminar to be educational and thought provoking.


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  • 1 Paul B. Zeisler
  • 2 Ellen L. Kleinstuber Bolton Partners, Inc.
  • 3 Stephen N. Eisenstein KPMG
  • 4 Lance J. Weiss Gabriel Roeder Smith & Company
  • 5 Martin L. Pippins American Retirement Association
  • 6 Richard A. Block Block Consulting Actuaries Inc.