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Precept 10 of the Code of Conduct December 12, 2018 11:30 AM - 12:45 PM

Precept 10 of the Actuarial Code of Conduct requires actuaries to perform Actuarial Services with courtesy and professional respect and to cooperate with others in the Principal’s interest. Annotation 10-5 clarifies that “When a Principal has given consent for a new or additional actuary to consult with an Actuary with respect to a matter for which the Actuary is providing or has provided Actuarial Services, the Actuary shall cooperate in furnishing relevant information.” Annotation 10-5 adds that “The Actuary need not provide any items of a proprietary nature, such as internal communications or computer programs.”

  • What does Precept 10 mean for a prior actuary when responding to a request for information from a successor actuary?
  • What does Precept 10 mean for a current actuary when responding to a request for information from an auditing actuary?
  • Is there any rational to support providing different levels of information to a successor actuary versus an auditing actuary?
  • Are sample lives (i.e., test cases) considered proprietary information?
  • Is the backup information/data for graphs considered proprietary information?
  • What else is considered proprietary information?

Speakers at this audio/webcast present their different perspectives on this subject

Session Category
EA Core1.50


  • 1 Lance J. Weiss Gabriel Roeder Smith & Company
  • 2 David L. Driscoll Buck
  • 3 David T. Kausch Gabriel Roeder Smith & Company
  • 4 Christine T. Mahoney Mercer