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Climate Change: How Does It Impact Our Actuarial Perspective? November 18, 2020 11:30 AM - 12:45 PM

Today more than ever, climate change is in the news around the globe.  The implications of climate change are far-reaching.  Many of these implications relate to risk and other actuarial perspectives inherent in such topics as ERM, health costs, property/casualty insurance, mortality, other general insurance, employer/employee issues, etc.  Presenters discuss current research and initiatives on the impact of climate change as it relates to risk and to the many aspects of our actuarial profession and perspective.

Session Category
Cross Discipline


  • 1 Debra S. Medlin Actuarial & Benefits Consulting Group
  • 2 R. Dale Hall Society of Actuaries
  • 3 Patrick Wiese Society of Actuaries
  • 4 Douglas J. Collins