CCA EAC Virtual - Frequently Asked Questions

Access for Registered Attendees

I have registered. How do I access the meeting?

An email with a personalized link to access the 2021 Virtual CCA Enrolled Actuaries Conference will be sent to each registrant approximately two weeks before the meeting. This link will allow you to access the platform and build out your personal schedules. Those who register after that date will receive their personalized links within two business days after registering. Please do not share your personalized link, as it only allows one device (computer, laptop, tablet, phone) to enter the meeting at a time.

When you receive your personalized link, click on the link, then click on “Attendee Login” in the far upper right corner. Enter the email address you used with your registration, and create a password.

What browsers are supported for the event?

Use Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge as the web browser to access the meeting. Internet Explorer will not work with this platform.

Are there any technology requirements needed to attend this event?

All sessions will be delivered with Zoom, please ensure that your device is able to connect to Zoom and you have a strong internet connection.

Are the any Zoom settings I should have to best view sessions?

To ensure the best viewing experience, make sure that you are viewing Zoom in "Full Screen" mode and with "Gallery view".

Now that I’m in the virtual meeting site, how do I set up my profile?

After you’ve used your personalized link to access the site, you’ll see your name in the upper right. Click on your name, then from the drop-down menu select “My Profile.” From there you will find options to edit your profile information, upload a photo, update your privacy settings, and add links to your social media (such as your Twitter account or LinkedIn profile). Be sure to use the Save button in the lower right corner under the Privacy Settings.

How do I sign up for or choose my sessions?

Go to the navigation pane on the left and click on it to see the pullout menu of options. Click on the list icon for “Sessions.” You will be able to view all the Sessions, or sort by day. Use the “Filter” button in the upper right to search refine your search. To the right of each session you will see “Add to Schedule” with a plus symbol. Click to add the session to your schedule.

What is “My Schedule?”

In the left side navigation pane, you will see a calendar icon identified as “My Schedule.” Once you have selected sessions, they can be viewed by clicking on “My Schedule.”

We recommend that you sync your session selections to your own calendar. Once you add a session to the calendar in the platform a link will appear giving you the option to add it to your personal calendar.

How do I join a session before it starts? How can I access sessions and activities?

All sessions are accessible through the virtual meeting platform once you are logged in. You can also join the meeting from your phone or other device. Each paid registration permits access from only one device at a time (computer, laptop, tablet, phone) to enter the virtual event.

How do I ask a question during a session?

Questions are posed in writing using the Q&A box. Depending on what session you are in the questions will be answered several different ways. Some may be answered within the chat box in written form, others may be answered verbally during the the session.

How can I make a comment during a session?

Comments may be made in writing using the Q&A box.

How can I access sessions On Demand?

We will note which sessions will be available for on-demand viewing. These will be identified on their session page and in the schedule function. On Demand sessions will be available about 72 hours after the session ends.

What do I do if I have technical problems?

Every page within the meeting has a virtual chat assistant to help you. Look for the support button in the lower right-hand corner of each page. If you are in a session and develop technical problems, go back to the main lobby page and look for the support button in the lower right-hand corner.

How do I connect with other attendees?

In the left-hand navigation pane, you will see an icon labeled Attendee Directory. Click on it to view the list of registrants. Select a person and use the “connect” button in the upper right of their profile page to schedule a meeting.

The chat function in sessions will be open approximately 10 minutes before the session starts for your personal pleasantries with your colleagues. After the session begins, please save the chat box for questions.

How do I connect with exhibitors and sponsors?

Go to the left-hand navigation pane and click on “Exhibitors/Sponsors” Click on the company’s logo to view their virtual booth and connect.

Continuing Education Credits

What activities offer EA and/or CPD credit?

This year’s meeting offers 39 high-quality sessions over three days. This format allows you to receive up to 18.5 EA Credits while still meeting the needs of your clients.

What do I need to do to claim credit? How can I confirm the credit I’ve earned for my sessions?

Confirm your EA/CPD credits by completing the evaluation that will appear immediately at the close of the session as a link in the chat box. Credits earned during each session are tied to the account of the person who purchased the virtual meeting. Approximately 2-3 weeks after the meeting, you will receive an email from CCA with a link to download your Certificate of Attendance. Those sessions for which you completed your evaluation will be shown on your Certificate of Attendance.

Certificates of Attendance will not display EA/CPD credit earned while viewing on-demand sessions; however, you can claim the applicable CPD credit toward your 30 hours under the Qualification Standards.