Sessions by Category

The following is a quick-reference guide to the program by category for the 2021 CCA Enrolled Actuaries Conference.

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Program Updated: February 1, 2021

Number Title Credit
Cross Practice
1-A-1 Capital Market Update EA Core, CPD
1-B-1 Late Breaking Developments EA Core, CPD
1-B-4 DC Plans Retirement Income Options: Insured and Non-insured EA Noncore, CPD
1-D-2 Hot Topics in Accounting EA Noncore, CPD
1-D-3 Base Mortality Table Considerations EA Core, CPD
1-D-4 Investment Strategies - Looking Backward to Move Forward EA Noncore, CPD
2-A-1 Longevity 2021: What to Assume for the Future in the Wake of 2021?
EA Core, CPD
2-B-1 Projections - Usage and Communication for All Practice Areas EA Core, EA Noncore, CPD
2-B-2 Working with Auditors EA Noncore, CPD
2-B-3 Pension Assumption Setting During and After COVID EA Core, CPD
2-C-4 All Things Late Retirement
EA Core, CPD
2-D-1 Litigation Update EA Core, CPD
2-D-3 Social Security Funded Status and Future Alternatives to Save it EA Noncore, CPD
3-A-1 How NOT to Become a Fiduciary EA Core, CPD
3-A-2 Setting Expected Returns EA Core, CPD
3-C-1 Q&A with IRS/Treasury EA Core, CPD
Multiemployer Plans
1-B-3 Withdrawal Liability - Court Decisions, PBGC Handling, Partial Withdrawal, Etc. EA Core, CPD
1-C-3 When PBGC Throws a Life Preserver to Multiemployer Plans EA Core, CPD
2-C-3 Update from the PBGC - Multiemployer Edition EA Core, CPD
3-B-3 Multiemployer Provisions of the American Rescue Plan Act - What to Expect and How to Prepare EA Core, EA Noncore, CPD
3-C-3 Multiemployer Workshop EA Core, CPD
1-D-1 Complying with New ASOP Nos. 51 and 56 EA Core, CPD
2-C-1 Upcoming ASOP Changes Affecting Pension Actuaries EA Core, CPD
3-A-3 Joint Board Update EA Core, CPD
3-D-1 Ethics EA Ethics, CPD
Public Plans
1-B-2 Public Plan Funding with Shrinking Government Revenues EA Noncore, CPD
1-C-2 Public Pensions - Analysis and Developments in Public Finance
EA Noncore, CPD
2-C-2 Lessons Learned: Closed Public Pension Plans EA Noncore, CPD
2-D-2 COVID-19 vs. PUB-2010 EA Core, CPD
3-B-2 Funding Policy and Consulting Issues in a Fixed Rate Environment
EA Noncore, CPD
3-C-2 Public Plans Workshop EA Noncore, CPD
Single Employer Plans
1-C-1 Update from the PBGC - Single Employer Edition EA Core, CPD
2-D-4 Clients with Problems: How to Consult to Clients with Financial Challenges EA Core, EA Noncore, CPD
3-A-4 De-risking - Lessons Learned, New Ideas on the Horizon EA Noncore, CPD
3-B-1 Single-Employer Pension Funding Relief (Again) EA Core, EA Noncore, CPD
Small Plans
1-C-4 Nondiscrimination Testing - Unique Issues for Small Plans EA Core, CPD
2-B-4 Interplay Between IRC 404 and 430 EA Core, CPD
3-B-4 End of Year Valuations EA Core, CPD
3-C-4 Small Plans Workshop EA Core, CPD