Registration and Meeting Policies

Registration Rates

Online registration with payment via AMEX, MasterCard or Visa is available at You may also complete a PDF of the registration form and mail it to the CCA office with a check made payable to the Conference of Consulting Actuaries. Registrations must be postmarked and include the appropriate payment or purchased online by the following dates to receive the applicable rate.

  Members Nonmembers
On or Before April 16, 2021 $350 $475
After April 16, 2021 $450 $575

By registering for an event organized by the CCA you agree to comply with and be bound by the applicable registration/cancellation terms and conditions set forth in this program. Please contact the CCA office at 847-719-6500 if you need any additional information.




The CCA reserves the right to close registration in advance of the meeting to ensure our attendees the best possible virtual meeting experience.

Registration Fee Transfer or Refund Policy

Each registration is offered as a package. Refunds are not issued for any portion of the package not used by the attendee. Meeting registrations may be transferred to another individual in the same company; however, these requests must be made in writing by the individual who made the initial registration for the transfer to be processed.

Refunds are based on the date the written request is postmarked or received via e-mail to the CCA office, according to the schedule below.

On or Before 3/28 3/29 – 4/11 After 4/11
Full Refund Less $125 Administration Fee 50% of Registration Fee No Refund

Requests for refunds must be made in writing and postmarked or received via e-mail by the above specified dates.

Conference of Consulting Actuaries
3880 Salem Lake Drive, Suite H
Long Grove, IL 60047-5292

Meeting Cancellation Policy

As warranted by unforeseen events, CCA reserves the right to cancel the meeting. In the occurrence of such an event, registration fees charged by CCA will be refunded. However, CCA will not be held liable for any logistical penalties that may be assessed to attendees as a result of a potential cancellation.

Photography and Videography Policy

Registration for, attendance at, or participation in a CCA-sponsored meeting constitutes an agreement by the registrant/attendee or participant to permit the CCA to use and distribute (both now and in the future) the registrant’s, attendee’s or participant’s image in photographs, electronic productions, or other electronic marketing by CCA.

No Session Recording

As a condition of your attendance at the meeting, you agree not to audio or video record any portion of the educational sessions. Any violation of this condition may result in your ejection from the meeting without a refund of your registration fee. In addition, you agree that the CCA shall be entitled to any costs incurred as a result of any violation of this provision, including payment of CCA’s attorneys’ fees. Violators may be prohibited from participating in future events.

Credits for the CPD Requirement

Attendees of the CCA Healthcare Meeting can earn up to 13.5 of the 30 required credits toward the 2021 continuing education requirement as we believe all sessions are applicable for credit under the Qualification Standards. This includes 1.5 professionalism credits from participating in the April 28th professionalism webinar, which is included with your CCA Healthcare Meeting registration. We do not give incremental credits for any sessions.

Antitrust Policy

Applicability of Antitrust Laws

Professional societies, including the Conference of Consulting Actuaries, are subject to federal and state antitrust laws, and must constantly monitor their activities to ensure continued compliance with all antitrust regulations.

Purpose of Antitrust Laws

The antitrust laws prohibit any concerted activity or combination of competitors from interfering with free competition. In other words, the primary thrust of the law is to control private economic power by protecting competition. Persons and organizations are prohibited from engaging in any action which unreasonably restrains commerce or trade (i.e., competition). Per se violations (practices presumed to be inherently wrong regardless of the motivating factors) include: agreements to fix or stabilize prices, to divide markets, to allocate production, or to impose boycotts. In essence, this means any concerted action that significantly diminishes rivalry among competing firms.

The CCA’s Policy

The Board of Directors of the Conference of Consulting Actuaries intends adherence to the antitrust laws. The CCA provides guidance on compliance by regularly communicating to our membership, attendees at our continuing education offerings, and committee/task force meetings regarding both the applicability and purpose of antitrust laws.