Sessions by Topic

Code Designations

A schedule of all sessions is in this brochure. Code designations have been added for guidance in selecting sessions by anticipated CPE credit. The key is as follows:

C = EA Core • NC = EA Noncore • E = EA Ethics • No = No EA Credit

Session Number(s) Session Credit Designation
Accounting Issues
203 Hot Topics in Accounting NC
503 Working With Auditors for Private Plans NC
703 Plan Accounting (AICPA) NC
401 Pri-12 and Pub-10: Too Many Tables? C
504 Demographic Assumptions Setting (Non-mortality) C
802 Funding Method Changes (Revenue Procedures 2017-56 and 2017-57) C
906 Setting Expected Return Assumptions C
Beyond Corporate Retirement Plans
803 Multiemployer Plans and Public Plans for Single-Employer Actuaries C/NC
902 Church Plans NC
Compliance Issues
102 Determination Letters C
201 Employee Plans Compliance Resolution System Including Voluntary Correction and Other Programs C
402 Missing Participants C
901 Dialogue With the IRS/Treasury C
905 QDROs C
1001 Benefit Commencement after Normal Retirement Age: Traps for the Unwary C
DC Issues
103 DC Plans for Enrolled Actuaries NC
603 DC Plans with Success Mitigating Longevity Risk NC
Funding and Schedule B Issues
801 Use of Credit Balance Management for Large Plans C
Investment Issues
302 Settling Pension Liabilities C/NC
304 Capital Market Update NC
702 De-risking Investment Strategies NC
Multiemployer Plans
104 Withdrawal Liability: What's New? C
204 Dialogue With and Update from the PBGC for Multiemployer Plans C
404 When PBGC Provides Assistance to a Multiemployer Plan C
604 Multiemployer Crisis and Solutions C
704 Multiemployer Variable Benefit Plans – Innovative Design and Regulatory Hurdles C
1004 Multiemployer Plans Workshop C
New Rulings/Development
101 Late Breaking Developments C
501 Late Breaking Developments C
601 Litigation Affecting Defined Benefit Plans C
Nondiscrimination Issues
1002 Non-Discrimination Issues for Closed Plans C
Nonqualified Plans
305 Actuarial Issues with Non-qualified Deferred Compensation NC
Non-Technical Communications
303 Communicating the Value of a Pension Plan to Participants NC
PBGC/Plan Termination Issues
202 Plan Termination Consulting and Considerations C
301 Dialogue with and Update from the PBGC for Single Employer Plans C
502 Nuts and Bolts of a Plan Termination C
701 PBGC Regulations Update C
Professionalism and Policy
306 ASB Standards for Pension Actuaries C
403 New ASOPs and Exposure Drafts C
506 Implementing ASOP 51 C
602 Dialogue With the Joint Board C
Public Plans
106 Working With Auditors for Public Plans NC
206 Pension Analysis Developments in Public Finance NC
406 COLAs and DROPs NC
606 Impact of Proposed ASOP Changes on Public Plans NC
706 Fixed Rate Public Plans - Funding Methods and Consulting Issues NC
806 Public Plan DB to DC Conversions: Cost Considerations NC
1006 Public Plans Workshop NC
Retirement/Consulting Issues
804 Projections - Usage and Communications C/NC
903 Government Contracting NC
904 SOA Research and its Application to Pension Actuaries NC
1003 Corporate In-House Actuaries NC
Small Plan Issues
105 IRC 404 and 430 C
205 IRC 415 C
405 End of Year Valuations C
505 Cash Balance Update for Small Plans and Professional Employers C
605 Small Plan Gotchas C/NC
705 Dealing with Distribution Restrictions C
805 Funding DB Plans with Insurance C
1005 Small Plan Workshop C
General Sessions
001 Stay in Your Lane: How Not to (Inadvertently) Become a Fiduciary NC
002 Ethics C/E
003 Longevity 2020: Where Are We Now – and What the Future Might Hold C