James L. Jones FCA MAAA FSA

Managing Director, EY

Contact Information

121 River Street
Hoboken, NJ 07030

CCA Member Since 2006

Webinar Committee

Global Retirement Adequacy With an Aging Population 2020 CCA Virtual Annual Meeting (October 19, 2020)

Business Session With Keynote Speaker Dr. Tasha Eurich 2020 CCA Virtual Annual Meeting (October 19, 2020)

International Two in One: Retirement Plans for Expats & Measuring Success in a M&A Transaction 2019 CCA Annual Meeting (October 29, 2019)

Looks Can be Deceiving—DB Plans in Disguise 2017 CCA Annual Meeting (October 25, 2017)

Buyer Beware! Helping Non-US Companies Navigate a Domestic Deal 2017 CCA Annual Meeting (October 23, 2017)

O Canada - Recent Developments North of the Border 2017 CCA Annual Meeting (October 23, 2017)

Global Delivery Models for Healthcare and Social Security 2016 CCA Annual Meeting (October 26, 2016)

Start/Stop/Continue - Impact of Employment Transition in Global M&A Transition 2016 CCA Annual Meeting (October 24, 2016)

Recent Developments in Canada 2015 CCA Annual Meeting (October 28, 2015)

Splitting the Baby in Two: Benefit Challenges in Global Divestiture 2015 CCA Annual Meeting (October 26, 2015)

Conflict of Interest – A Global Perspective 2014 CCA Annual Meeting (October 21, 2014)

NAFTA and Pensions 2014 CCA Annual Meeting (October 20, 2014)

Benefits in Exotic Locations 2013 CCA Annual Meeting (October 22, 2013)

Managing Risks in Defined Contribution Plans Managing Risks in Defined Contribution Plans (July 11, 2012)

World Domination: The Right Way to do M&A 2010 CCA Annual Meeting (October 26, 2010)

Executive Retirement Benefits - A Moving Target 2010 CCA Annual Meeting (October 25, 2010)

Virtual Consulting Firm 2010 CCA Annual Meeting (October 25, 2010)

Spanning the Globe "and Nobody Got Hurt" 2009 CCA Annual Meeting (November 03, 2009)


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