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Milliman Inc.
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Chicago, IL 60606
Julia Kong, FSA,CERA, MAAA is an actuary with the Chicago Milwaukee Health office of Milliman. Julia’s primary area of expertise is assisting self-insured employers and risk-sharing providers navigate medical and pharmacy claims risk. Examples of Julia’s experience include: - Assessing the financial feasibility of savings from innovative prescription and medical drug cost-curbing proposals - Developing payer – provider risk sharing arrangements benefitting patients with medical complexities, designing payment systems aimed at creating sustainable ways to coordinate resources effectively across the care continuum - Analyzing implications of shared savings and capitation arrangements between payers and providers, identifying key risk drivers and ways of mitigating risk - Developing risk-adjusted health cost and utilization benchmarks for national payers in the Middle East - Consulting for large employers on employer-sponsored benefits pricing, strategy, and reserving Her interests include staying vigilant on new technologies that could disrupt healthcare. She is holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from the Stephen M Ross School of Business and a Bachelor of Science from the University of Michigan.

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