Matthew L. Bond MAAA FSA EA

Partner, Aon

Contact Information

201 Merritt 7, Suite 2
Norwalk, CT 06851
Matthew is an Enrolled Actuary and a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries. As an actuarial Consultant in Hewitt’s Core Retirement practice, Matthew’s clients include multinational corporations and international organizations. He is responsible for performing funding and accounting valuations (US GAAP, IASC, and IPSAS) for after service benefits. The benefits include pensions, after service medical and life benefits, disability and death benefits, and other benefits payable upon separation. In addition, Matthew regularly works on related projects, such as pension risk management, plan design analysis, assumption studies, and complex benefit calculations. Within Aon Hewitt, Matthew is a member of the National Actuarial Resource Team, reporting to the Chief Actuary. In addition, he is a member of a nationwide team that develops technical and consulting training for the Core Retirement practice, reporting to the National Practices Group Leader. Matthew also is a member of several technical teams that update reference material, provide guidance on emerging issues, and answer colleague questions about special situations. Matthew has worked as an actuary for Aon Hewitt for over 6 years. His previous experience includes teaching, tutoring, writing tests, and grading tests. Matthew holds a Bachelor’s degree in Math and Economics from Grinnell College and a Master’s degree in Pure Math from Purdue University.

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