Justin N. Hornburg FCA MAAA FSA

Senior Actuary, American Benefits Consulting

Contact Information

American Benefits Consulting
3483 W. Bradford
Bloomfield, MI 48301
Justin Hornburg is an employee benefits consulting actuary. He has been an employee benefits actuary in the Group Insurance arena since 1989, primarily focused on large group life insurance and disability plans. Through 2007, Mr. Hornburg was a Vice President and Actuary with MetLife and provided underwriting, financial and account management services to a number of jumbo clients. Most of his career at MetLife was spent working on MetLife’s relationships with clients in the automotive business, culminating with becoming the lead actuary for those accounts in 2000. In his current role at ABC, he provides underwriting, financial, data and account management services for clients in the Telecommunications, Financial Services and Consumer Products industries. He also services a number of clients with captive insurance companies that are active in employee benefits. Justin has served on the CCA’s Annual Meeting Planning Committee since 2013. While his employer is located in New York City, he lives and works in the Detroit area with his wife, two children and four cats. He has a BA in mathematics from New York University.

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