Joan P. Ogden FCA-R MAAA

Principal, Joan Ogden Actuaries

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Joan Ogden Actuaries
1423 Devonshire Drive
Salt Lake City, UT 84108-2550
While mostly retired, I enjoy keeping my finger on the pulse of the ongoing health care issues. (Were I somehow named "emperor of the universe", I know exactly what steps I would take to address the health care cost crisis. [grin]) Beginning my adult career as an academic, and moving into the actuarial world "mid-life", my style has been to teach my clients how to do for themselves everything they possibly can, leaving for me that which is fascinating, non-routine, or even only peripherally actuarial. Over 41 years "in the business", I have enjoyed developing a strong underwriting capability, seeing that as part and parcel of the health actuary's responsibility. And you never need to guess where I stand on an issue -- as my clients say, "Joan, just tell us what you really think."

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