Caleb Durling

Fox Rothschild LLP

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Fox Rothschild LLP
1225 17th Street
Suite 2200
Denver, CO 80202
Caleb is a trial lawyer who focuses his practice on complex civil and commercial litigation and appeals. An experienced case manager, Caleb enjoys the strategy and problem solving involved in litigation practice. He is skilled at identifying and planning for issues that arise in high-stakes litigation. He has been in case management roles early in his career, and has developed the knowledge necessary to manage personnel and coordinate strategy. A devoted advocate for his clients, Caleb stays attentive to their needs through the resolution of their matters. In this regard, he serves as an objective counselor and advises individuals and businesses about cost-effective solutions while giving them realistic assessments about the benefits and disadvantages of strategic choices. Caleb has an active pro bono practice and in 2013 was part of a team that received an Award of Special Recognition from the Colorado Lawyers Committee for its work in the Center for Legal Advocacy v. Bicha matter. He has also served twice as Special Counsel for the State Public Defenders Office. In 2015, Caleb worked with a team of private lawyers and the Public Defenders Office to secure systemic reform of bond-setting practices and access to counsel for the indigent in Denver County Court.

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