Dave Dillon MAAA FSA

Vice President & Consulting Actuary, Lewis & Ellis

Contact Information

Lewis & Ellis
700 South Central Expressway
Ste 550
Allen, TX 75013
Dave Dillon is a Senior Vice President and Principal with Lewis & Ellis. Since 1999, Dave has focused on healthcare reform issues, the development of health insurance products, and financial solvency of insurers. Dave has extensive experience working with a wide range of regulators and insurers. In the last five years, Dave has assisted 20 states with actuarial issues, including ACA implementation, policy and rate filing reviews, and financial analysis. Dave is very involved in the affairs of the actuarial profession and the health insurance industry through his volunteer efforts. Dave currently serves on the Society of Actuaries' Board of Directors. From 2017 to 2019, Dave led the SOA's strategic initiative Commercial Healthcare: What's Next? In 2017, Dave was a recipient of the Society of Actuaries' Outstanding Volunteer Award. Dave is also the co-chair and host for the SOA's Health Section Podcast series.

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