Marjorie R. Martin MAAA EA FSPA

Principal, Buck

Contact Information

60 Board Road
Hewitt, NJ 07421
Marjorie R. Martin, EA, MAAA, FSPA, is a Principal with Conduent HR Services in their Knowledge Resource Center. Her 30+ years of experience with defined benefit and defined contribution retirement plans position her to support and strategize with Conduent retirement plan consultants and actuaries on key technical developments, assist them with consulting and technical review of client issues, develop practice support materials, and provide training on technical topics. Marge is a Senior Advisor to the American Society of Pension Professionals & Actuaries Government Affairs Committee and had served on the Technical Review Board for The ASPPA Journal until recently. She is a frequent speaker and writer, is/was a member of the annual EA Meeting Gray Book (IRS), Blue Book (PBGC), and Green Book (DOL) Committee; she authored the Aspen Quick Reference to ERISA Compliance [2008, 2009 and 2010] and contributes to Aspen’ 457 Answer Book; SIMPLE, SEP and SARSEP Answer Book; and the Roth IRA Answer Book. Marge holds a BA in mathematics from Montclair State University, is an Enrolled Actuary, a Fellow of ACOPA and a Member of the American Academy of Actuaries.

Corporate DB/DC Government DB/DC

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PPA Funding III: Funding Based Restrictions and Ramifications of Underfunding 2008 Enrolled Actuaries Meeting (April 08, 2008)


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