John T. Stokesbury FCA MAAA FSA EA

Director, Deloitte Consulting LLP

Contact Information

Deloitte Consulting LLP
100 Kimball Drive
Parsippany, NJ 07054
During his thirty year career, John Stokesbury has been involved in a wide range of aspects of pension plan consulting. John has worked with large and small private employers as well as governmental clients. This work included benefit design and valuation, compliance testing and union negotiations. Currently, John works closely with Deloitte auditors in testing pension and retiree benefit obligations. John is currently a member of the Joint Board for Enrolled Actuaries Advisory Committee. He is an active volunteer with the Conference of Consulting Actuaries, having served on the Board for 3 years; Annual Meeting Committee for 10 years, chairing the 2008 Annual Meeting. John is also the Chair of the CCA’s Committee on Professionalism and the CCA’s liaison to the Academy’s Pension Accounting Committee and Joint Committee on Retiree Health. John has spoken frequently at meetings and audiocasts on many topics including professionalism and pension accounting.

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