Brandy Nicole Millen MAAA ASA

Consulting Actuary, Milliman Inc.

Contact Information

Milliman Inc.
15800 W. Bluemound Road
Suite 400
Brookfield, WI 53005
Brandy is a consulting actuary with the Milwaukee office of Milliman. She joined the firm in 2016. Brandy’s area of expertise is pharmacy management and risk adjustment operations. Her current responsibilities include prescription drug analysis, Medicare Part D bid development, EDGE Services, and Risk Adjustment Studies. Brandy has more than fifteen years of experience working for major health insurance companies. Prior to Milliman, she held pharmacy management roles responsible for drug analytics and modeling, PBM operations and compliance, customer service, and clinical operations, including utilization management and formulary design. Brandy also has contracting experience working with PBMs and specialty pharmacies. Her insurer experience also includes short-term medical pricing, rate filing, and monitoring compliance in nearly all states.

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