Tony E. Holmes MAAA FSA

9 True Illusions LLC

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9 True Illusions LLC
Roswell, GA 30075
Tony is an accomplished consultant, leader and personal and career development professional with a unique blend of business, technical and communication skills, enabling him to lead, grow and develop individuals, teams and businesses. He is a Certified Enneagram In Business professional and trainer on the application and power of the Enneagram to energize and transform your life for personal and professional success and happiness. He has consulted in Atlanta for over 20 years on HR, health care, and benefits to organizations of all types and sizes, and has had various insurance company and consulting leadership roles. He has been a Partner/Principal with three large consulting, brokerage and audit firms, most recently in Atlanta with Mercer. His specialties include strategy, client relationship management, and applying the Enneagram personality typing system to successful teams, leaders and individuals, through his company, 9 True Illusions LLC. Tony was recognized nationally in 2012 as the year's “Most Innovative Partner/Consultant”, and regularly speaks at industry events and is quoted in national and local media.


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