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Jerry Mingione is an experienced consultant focused on capital markets and the retirement financial management space. He writes and frequently presents at industry meetings on investment and capital market-related issues. He currently partners on financially-oriented projects with the Terry Group, and serves as a financial advisor to the pension system for the city of Detroit. In a previous role he created and led the Retirement Financial Management unit at Willis Towers Watson, where he was responsible for the development of tools and processes to assist companies in managing the investment and other financial aspects of their retirement programs, such as forecast and discount rate models and benchmarking databases. He has testified on investment policy issues before the Department of Labor’s ERISA Advisory Council, and spoken before a range of industry groups including the CCA, AAA, SOA, Conference Board, Institutional Investor Institute and the Institute for International Research. He has been a member of the Academy's Pension and Social Security Committees, and a board member for the CCA and Academy. He has also served on project oversight groups for the SOA, and as an advisor to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Public Employee Retirement Commission in evaluating proposed legislation involving public retirement plans.


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