Stephen C. Goss

Chief Actuary, Social Security Administration

Contact Information

Social Security Administration
6401 Security Blvd.
2409 Robert M. Ball Building
Baltimore, MD 21235
Stephen C. Goss has been with SSA for over 30 years, working in areas related to health insurance and long-term-care insurance as well as pension, disability, and survivor protection. Mr. Goss is Chief Actuary at the Social Security Administration. He joined the Office of the Chief Actuary after earning his M.S. in Mathematics from the University of Virginia in 1973, and B.S. in Mathematics and Economics from the University of Pennsylvania in 1971. Mr. Goss has been a staff participant representing the Office of the Chief Actuary at the President's Commission on Pension Policy, the 1979, 1991, and 1995 Advisory Councils, the National Commission on Social Security, and the National Commission on Social Security Reform. He has also been a member in task forces and inter-governmental groups in the field of social insurance, health insurance, and long-term care insurance. Steve Goss worked closely with Congressional staff on the 1983 Social Security Amendments, testified at Committee hearings, and was instrumental in the development of the provision for increasing the normal retirement age. He represented the United States at the Third International Social Security Seminar for Actuaries and Statisticians in Rome in 1988. Mr. Goss has presented at several national conferences and has participated in numerous panel discussions, offering his in-depth expertise and experiences. He is a member of the Society of Actuaries, the American Academy of Actuaries, the National Academy of Social Insurance, the Social Insurance Committee of the American Academy of Actuaries, and the Social Security Retirement and Disability Income Committee of the Society of Actuaries. In 2004, Stephen C. Goss was honored as the first recipient of the Robert M. Ball Award for Outstanding Achievements in Social Insurance by the National Academy of Social Insurance, for exemplifying “public service” at its best.

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