Terry A.M. Mumford

Partner, Ice Miller LLP

Contact Information

Ice Miller LLP
One American Square
Suite 2900
Indianapolis, IN 46282-0200
Terry Mumford is a partner in Ice Miller's Employee Benefits Group and concentrates her practice in public sector employee benefits. She works with governmental pension plans across the country, and consults with public sector employer and employee associations. Terry is a frequent speaker with regard to public employee benefits at the national and state level. Her recent topics have included "Implementation of the Pension Protection Act of 2006 and Post-PPA Changes," "Nonqualified Deferred Compensation for Governmental Employers," "To Retire or Not to Retire or Both: Reemployment After Retirement," "Top Ten Tax Traps for Your Pension Plan," "GASB for Lawyers," "Regulatory Update for Public Plans," "EPCRS," "457(b) Self-Audits," "Retiree Health Care Funding Options," "How to Implement a DROP Plan," and "A Lawyer's List of Questions for Sustainability," "Pension Reform – Change Agents and Impediments to Change," and the "Impact of NABL Disclosure on Defined Contribution Plans."

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