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Bill Sheffler has a B.A. in Economics from Claremont McKenna College and a M.A. in Mathematics from the University of Arizona. After service in the United States Army, he worked in the home office of Security Benefit Life, a mutual insurance company in Topeka, Kansas for six years. He then joined an international benefits consulting firm in New Orleans, Louisiana. A native Californian, he returned to San Diego, where he established his consulting practice in 1985. Mr. Sheffler is a member of several actuarial organizations, including the Society of Actuaries, the American Academy of Actuaries, the Conference of Consulting Actuaries, the College of Pension Actuaries, and the American Society of Pension Actuaries. He is enrolled to perform actuarial services under ERISA, by the US Department of Treasury and the Department of Labor. His extensive experience in the Qualified Plans area is applied to a wide range of clients. They include Corporate sponsored retirement plans, Municipal plans, Taft-Hartley (Multi-Employer) plans, as well as small employer (Keogh) plans. In 2003, Mr. Sheffler was appointed by the mayor to the San Diego Pension Reform Committee and later to the San Diego City Employees Retirement System. During his time on sdCERS, Mr. Sheffler became well-known in government accountability circles through his outspoken advocacy for a sensible pension policy. Mr. Sheffler was named 2007 Person of the Year in recognition of his efforts of behalf of City of San Diego Public Retirees by the City of San Diego Retired Employees Association.


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Retirement Consulting in the Small Plan World 2019 CCA Annual Meeting (October 30, 2019)


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